Postgraduate programme in Orthodontics

The Östergötland Public Dental Service offers postgraduate training in orthodontics at the Centre for Orthodontics and Paediatric Dentistry in Linköping. The duration of the postgraduate programme is 3 years divided into a theoretical part (30 %) including lectures, seminars, course acitivities, project work (= research), and a clinical training part (70 %). The clinical training, includes diagnostics, therapy planning, treatment with current orthodontic appliances and evaluation of 100 – 180 patients under the supervision of instructors.

The specialty of Orthodontics covers the occlusal development and the growth of the facial skeleton and the jaws. Furthermore, it includes diagnostics, prevention and treatment of congenital or acquired malocclusion and misalignment, based on knowledge of the causes of abnormalities and their consequences for the individual.

The postgraduate programme provides skills and knowledge in order to enable the student to take responsibility independently and perform all orthodontic diagnostics and treatment for children and adolescents. This includes diagnosing congenital or acquired abnormalities in the normal growth of the face and jaws, as well as disturbances to the occlusal development. Moreover the PG-student should be able to take decisions on treatment aims, treatment planning and making prognostic assessments on the treatment outcome.

The postgraduate programme will also provide necessary knowledge in Clinical Oral physiology, Oral maxillofacial radiology, Maxillofacial/dentoalveolar surgery, Periodontology, Prosthodontics, Paediatric dentistry, phoniatrics, genetics, paediatrics, plastic surgery, child psychology and ENT-diseases

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